Single Member Court of First Instance of Athens – Case Number 963/2017

OVERCHARGED ENTERPRISES. Exceptional special management procedure for the liquidation of an overcharged enterprise (Law 4307/2014). A default procedure aimed at transferring the debtor’s enterprise, which has ceased payments while it is still in operation. The operation of the business is a basic obligation of the Special Operator, who may receive funding provided with a special privilege. If funding is not achieved, the decision may be revoked since the admissibility of the application does not require the debtor’s assets to cover the costs of the proceedings. In process costs are included business expenses. Administrator responsibilities. Suspension of individual prosecutions and creditors. Application of Banks for special management of a journalistic organization. Keeping the business in operation is a result of the decision and not the subject of an interim measure. The way the procedure is financed lies on the manager and is not the subject of court judgment. Published in Business and Company Law, 2017, issue 3, March, p. 371.