Policy against Violence and Harassment at work

The Law Firm Andreas Angelidis and Associates Attorneys at Law, complies with all measures and obligations related to the implementation of the provisions of Law 4808/2021 and in particular Part II, entitled “Adoption of measures and regulations on harassment and violence at work”, to prevent and address all forms of violence and harassment – including gender-based violence and harassment, as well as sexual harassment – that occurs either in the course of, or in connection with, or arising from work.

Law 4808/2021, and in particular Articles 2 to 23, ratified Convention 190 of the International Labour Organization on the Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work, as adopted by the Conference on 21 June 2019. The purpose of these regulations is to establish a coherent and modern framework for preventing, addressing and combating behaviours of violence and harassment, contributing to the creation of a working environment that respects, promotes and puts into practice the right of every person to a world of work free from violence or harassment.

Violence or harassment is considered to take place at work, whether at the workplace (offices, company premises), during travel to and from work or for business purposes (business travel, etc.), or during work-related communications.

Violence and harassment at work is a matter of capital importance for the law firm Andreas Angelidis and Associates Attorneys at Law and the main core of its policy is to maintain and establish a working environment that respects and ensures human dignity and the right of every person to work without violence and harassment.

Prevention procedures

The company:

  • Assess the risks of violence and harassment at work
  • Take measures to prevent, control, mitigate and address such risks, as well as to monitor such incidents or forms of behaviour, demonstrating zero tolerance of violence and harassment, respecting human dignity and always acting in a confidential manner
  • informing and raising awareness among staff and partners of the potential risks of violence and harassment in the workplace and the relevant measures to prevent and protect against such incidents
  • Provide information on the contact details of the competent administrative authorities
  • Provide information on the rights and obligations of workers and the employer
  • Provides information on the consequences of non-compliance within the employment relationship, as provided for in Law 4808/2021
  • Informs on the procedure for reporting incidents of violence and harassment
  • It has designated as the competent reference person, who will provide guidance and information on the prevention and response to violence and harassment at work, the  Unified Management System Representative (Ioulia Tsioli), to whom staff and partners can address relevant issues.

This person:

  • Ensures that secure and accessible channels of communication are established to receive complaints,
  • Provide guidance and information to employees, whether or not they are contacted in response to an incident or complaint of violence and harassment
  • Handle any issues with confidentiality, discretion and respect for personal data.

Management of complaints by the company:

  • Welcome complaints
  • Investigation and examination of complaints with impartiality and protection of confidentiality and personal data of victims and complainants
  • Prohibition of retaliation against the aggrieved person
  • Establishment of a support group for the victim (cooperation with social institutions)
  • Information on the rights of victims (recourse to judicial protection, lodging a complaint with the Labour Inspectorate within the framework of its statutory powers, filing a report with the Ombudsman within the framework of his statutory powers and lodging a complaint within the company, in accordance with the policy for the management of complaints)
  • Recommendation of compliance as to the complainant & description of the consequences [e.g., a) change of his/her working hours, place or way of providing work b) termination of employment relationship]
  • In case of life-threatening situation, the following actions are taken: Change of the complainant’s working hours, place or mode of work (teleworking or telecommuting, depending on the nature of the duties)
  • Cooperate with the competent authorities and provide them with any relevant information, if requested
  • Removal of the complainant from the workplace, without prejudice to the prohibition of abuse of rights in Article 281 of the CC.
  • Termination of employment or cooperation in the event of non-compliance
  • Review of the risk assessment considering any inherent risk arising from the nature of the activity, the work location, factors such as gender and age or other characteristics that constitute grounds for discrimination, as well as risks relating to specific groups of workers (e.g., new recruits, trainees).

The company shall ensure, as far as possible, employment protection and support for employees of victims of domestic violence, by any reasonable means or reasonable accommodation (Provision of special leave or flexible arrangements at the request of the affected person).

All employees and associates of  Andreas Angelidis and Associates Attorneys at Law are required to comply with the above policy. The policy applies both in the workplace and in areas associated with company meetings, conferences and work-related events, whether in person, online or by telephone.