Marina – Ioanna Tsoukala

Attorney at Law at the Athens Court of Appeals

Marina – Ioanna Tsoukala has extensive experience in the following practice areas:

Labor Law

Experience and broad practice in individual and collective labor relations. Consulting support and judicial representation in cases related to the establishment and termination of employment, as well as issues of employment contracts. Preparation of individual and collective labor agreements and internal labor regulations. Advise on issues of equal treatment of employees and the protection of personal data in the workplace.

Administrative Law

Experience in cancellation disputes and substantive disputes, especially in matters of annulment of fines imposed on sole proprietorships and companies employing staff.

Bankruptcy Law

Experience in cases subject to the provisions of Law 3869/2010, out-of-court settlement of debts of natural persons or sole proprietorships.

Civil and Commercial Law

Advisory and Judicial experience in handling disputes arising from all types of contractual and commercial relationships.


Athens Bar




Democritus University of Thrace (LLB in Law 2013).

  • TEL+30 210 6431930
  • FAX+30 210 6431893