Multi Member Court of First Instance of Kilkis – Case Number 40/2015

Bankruptcy. The content of rehabilitation agreement. Required application content and conditions of admissibility. Concept of the main intervention and the permissive intervention. Active legitimation in the main intervention with the single request to reject the application. The respondent does not acquire the status as a party by only addressing the claim against them, if they have not been summoned by order of the court, have not been implead or have not intervened, even if they attend the trial. The respondents did not acquire the status of parties because the legal requirements have not been met. Their claims are not taken into consideration, except in the case of the court’s own investigation. Liquidity shortage of the company to accomplish its debts, but not to a permanent cessation of payments. Prospects for sustainability and recovery. Observance of the concluded arrangements. Expert report. The disputed application is accepted and the restructuring agreement is ratified.