Multi Member Court of First Instance of Athens – Case Number 832/2010

BANKRUPTCY. Conditions of affiliation to the conciliation procedure (article 99 of the Bankruptcy Code). Competent court. Necessary data for the certain of the application. Definition of mediator. The preventive measures which are arranged for the benefit of the applicant, from the opening of the conciliation procedure until the ratification of the conciliation agreement, are legally extended to his guarantors. Two years duration of the agreement at a maximum limit. The suspension of individual prosecutions against the debtor and his guarantors also enchains the non-contracted creditors. Οther agreements with the contracted creditors, such us the reduction of claims or the extension of the due date, enchain only them and can be extended in time and beyond the two-year period. Exercise of permissive intervention and intervention of a right. Published in Business and Corporate Law,2011, part 4, page 451.