Multi Member Court of First Instance of Athens – Case Number 1341/2017

Leasing. Leasing is a mixed contract, including elements of lease, order, assignment and option contract. Transactional operation of leasing. Meaning of “Lease-back”. When a direct legal interest in bringing a declaratory action is established. Such an interest is absent, when the judgment to be published does not resolve an existing dispute, but it will be create a presumption to be used in a future dispute between the parties. Formative rights. An action for recognition of the right in the person who is in request of it and is founded in it with a court decision (judicial process) is not admissible (due to lack of legal interest), as it happens for example with the rights under articles 288 and 388 of the Civil Code. Prerequisites for providing preventive judicial protection under article 69 of the Code of Civil Procedure.