About us

Andreas Angelidis & Associates is a law Firm highly specialized in the fields of company restructuring (Law 4738/2020), financial and tax criminal law, medical malpractice and offences committed through press. Founded in 1976 and converted into a law firm in 2010, it offers high quality services on the above fields.

The firm is also distinguished for providing integrated legal advice and high level legal services in all fields of Commercial and Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Insurance Law, Commercial Agreements, Real Estate Property Law as well as in all fields of Civil Law.


Our firm consists of highly qualified associates while having established a network of associates all over Greece as well as in most European countries.


Our client base is made up of mass media firms, medical and construction firms, companies active in a variety of industries with a focus on food and beverages, insurance firms, industrial and commercial firms and firms providing services.


Key Facts

Leaders in corporate restructuring in Greece

We have been the first to achieve the ratification of an agreement between a listed company and its creditors, while also being forerunners to file an application for special liquidation (article 106a Law 3588/2007).

Actively involved in case law

We have achieved the publication of court orders resolving significant issues that have never been dealt with in the past.

Provision of high quality services, certified by ISO

Our Quality Management System (Q.M.S.) aims to improve the quality of the services provided, through policies and procedures set, in order to meet customer's requirements and expectations.Our services are certified by ISO-9001:2015,ISO-27001:2013 & ISO-14001:2015.


Core Principles

  • Compliance with the code of ethics of the legal function
  • Compliance with the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders, in order to meet them.
  • Goal setting with careful consideration of measurable business objectives for improving the overall operation of the company.
  • Identification and evaluation of potential risks and opportunities arising from the operation of the Company.
  • Maximizing the reliability of its information resources.
  • Define the changes that take place within the Company (which may have an impact on the quality of services provided) and align them to business goals.
  • Protection of its interests and confidential data. Ensuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information produced, received and circulated in the context of security projects.
  • Disclosure of data and information on its environmental performance to the relevant bodies, its partners and the community, upon request.
  • Continuous information and training of the staff.

Join our Team

Andreas Angelidis & Associates is always looking for higly qualified attorneys to join our team of legal professionals.

We offer a competitive environment and provide opportunities for a rewarding career.

If you share our philosophy and would like to join a dynamic team of forward legal thinkers, please email your CV and cover letter to info@agelaw.gr or send fax at (+30) 210 6431893.

All correspondence will be treated as strictly confidential.